2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports: Jameis Winston

With the NFL season beginning to wind down, we here at the Grill are going to start breaking down the prospects that will be in this year’s NFL draft. For more information on how are grading works, please visit the page linked above. This will be the first of many scouting reports to come. We will begin by profiling the major prospects in the draft and over time we will expand to cover some small school prospects and hopefully, come draft time, we will have about 100 profiles on prospects.

Name: Jameis Winston
Position: Quarterback
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 230 Pounds
College: Florida State
Class: Redshirt Sophomore
2015 Stats: 305-467 (65.7%), 3907 yards, 25 TDs, 18 INTs

After the jump you will get a breakdown of Jameis Winston’s pro’s and con’s as well as our grade for Jameis Winston

Pros: Jameis Winston’s biggest strength’s is literally his strength. Winston has arm strength that will place him among the elite in that category in the NFL from day one. He is also an extremely accurate thrower with a great pocket presence. He is a proven winner that is molded to fit the pro style offense. He is an unbelievable athlete with protypical NFL quarterback size. He makes great reads at the line of scrimmage and has high level football IQ. He throws well on the run and sells the play action well. In terms of on the field quarterback skills, he is right up there with Andrew Luck as a prospect

Cons: He lacked trust in his wide receivers this year and often forced throws into double coverage. However, a lot of this was due to a lack of receiver separation. He also has all the off the field incidents to worry about. How he handles the interview process will be huge.

Our Take: Jameis Winston is an Andrew Luck level quarterback with Kenny Britt or Dez Bryant level maturity. If he can grow up and focus on football, he will be a Pro Bowler sooner rather than later. However, he needs to learn when to throw the ball away and to not be over-confident in his arm all the time. I believe he will be a stud in the NFL and a franchise changer for whoever selects him. He is ready to start right away and if given the proper support system, he is a very safe pick in my opinion.

Final Grade: 96 out of 100

Winston does not earn Andrew Luck’s grade (99) due to the off the field concerns but in terms of actually throwing the ball, he is special.

Possible Draft Spots: Top Three Pick 

I don’t see anyway where Winston does not go in the top three, most likely number one or two to the Bucs or Titans. Both teams are desperate for a franchise quarterback and both could plug Winston in and be three or four wins better off the bat next year.

Player Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger

A much more polished version of Roethlisberger out of college but similar in terms of build, the winning mentality, and arm strength. Could see him making a Ben Roethlsiberger like impact early in his career if drafted by the right team.


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