Edge of Glory: Super Bowl XLIX Preview: Quarterback

Welcome to Graz’s position by position breakdown of Super Bowl XLIX.  Today we are breaking down the most important position in sports; the Quarterback.  Both The Twelfth Man (Seahawks) and The Fighting Robert Kraft’s (Patriots) have the luxury of having quarterbacks that have been to and won super bowls.  But which team has the edge at this position. Find out who we think has the edge after the jump.

Seahawks Side: On one side there is a now proven winner in Russell Wilson.  He is the reigning Superbowl champion and has returned to try and thrust the Seahawks into the dynasty conversation.   In his career, he is 6-1 in the postseason and his dual-threat ability could leave Robby Kraft and the rest of the Pats guessing.  Coming off an unusually sloppy game in the NFC Championship, I think he will be poised for a great game in the Superbowl.  His best quality however, is to be a game manager and hand the ball off to one of the best tailbacks in the game.  Wilson has been incredible at not turning the ball over and checking to the right plays after reading the defense.  He has a will to win that inspires his team to win no matter the deficit.  He does not have to have a big day for his team to win which is exactly how The Twelfth Man would want to play it.

Patriots Side: On the other side is the Golden Boy looking for his fourth title.  The man who now holds the playoff record for both wins and touchdown passes has torched defenses throughout these playoffs; putting up 35 and 45 points in back to back weeks.  However, he won both games in completely different ways.  Against the Ravens he needed to throw the ball 50 times in order to beat them.  Against the Colts, he checked to run after run leading the Fighting Robert Kraft’s to pile up 177 rush yards and stampeded his way to a victory.  Tom Brady has been the main key to the Patriots success all season.  His quick decision making, excellent use of audibles and overall competitive demeanor makes him lethal in the postseason.
Edge: I’ve decided to take the road most traveled and give the edge to Tom Brady.  It is much closer than Robby Kraft thinks, but Tom Brady is a key to a patriots win on super Sunday.  Wilson is just another cog in the Seahawks dynasty machine.

Whats Next: Look for my next preview on the Running Back, I will look at the match up of Beast Mode Vs Blount and Co.        


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