Edge of Glory: Super Bowl XLIX Preview: Running Backs

Welcome back to Graz’s Superbowl Preview.  Today, Boys and Girls, we will be talking about a dying breed of NFL Player; the running back.  This is the type of match up that gets me excited and makes me happy I’m a football fan.  Two big men will be trying to run downhill through people.  These are the kind of running backs that force safeties to make business decisions and avoid tackling because they still want to have an NFL career after the hit.

Seahawks Side: The SeaBirds come barreling down from the pacific north west with a half-man, half- beast, Marshawn Lynch.  He may be leaving the Seahawks after this game but that is not stopping him from running through everyone straight into the Superbowl.  Through his first 9 playoff games he has rushed for close to 100 yards per game and about a touchdown per contest.  He is also coming off a game where his play in the final quarter of the game got Seattle back into the game and eventually set them up for the win in OT.  Lynch is the focal point of this offense and everyone knows that, but they still cannot stop him.  Lynch has more rushes and more yards vs. 8 men in the box than any other running back since 2010.  He wears down defenses throughout the game so even if you stop him in the first half, he will beat you in the second.  He is a one man wrecking crew that will wear out Wilfork and all of the members of the Kraft mac and cheese defense.

Patriots Side: The Pats roll in with LeGarrette Blount.  He is the type of player that can be dominate within the right system, depending on his attitude.  We saw him lose faith with the Steelers and get cut after quitting on his team.  Bobby Kraft adopted him and brought him back to New England and once again he has proven to be a valuable asset in this Belichick-Brady system.  When he is called on to carry the load he usually pulls through for them.  Recently against the Colts, he rushed for 148 and 3 TDs to help obliterate the colts in the AFC title game.  When Brady calls his number he comes through and I expect nothing different from him in the Superbowl.  I see the Pats running a balanced offense to try and keep the ball away from the Legion of Boom.  Blount will get a sizable amount of touches in this game and he will make the most of them like he always does.

X- Factors: Turbin vs Vereen:  Both players factor in this game as pass catching backs out of the backfield. With both teams sporting lethal secondaries catching check down plays and wheel routes versus linebackers becomes the only way to attack them.  Both players have the ability to make a big play or two that can change the complexion of a game.  All I am saying is that Vereen will make a big catch on third down to extend a scoring drive for Brady & Co. Vereen will be a very important man in the “Cut Sweatshirt” play calling in the Super Bowl

Edge: Even though Vereen will outplay Turbin, the edge goes to Beastmode himself.  He is the focal point of this offense and if he starts trucking early is game can be over…Fast.  He is their most lethal weapon both because he hurts the Pats on the field and can chew up large chunks of yards because the offense is centered around him.  Also, and maybe even more importantly, it will keep the Hall of Fame Quarterback and his own man beast of a tight end on the sidelines.  Beastmode needs to shake the clock down, and he definitely can.   

Next Up: Next, I will compare Wide Receivers and Tight Ends on both squads  In other words…when is Gronk going to Gronk Seattle into submission…He just needs to toss some “boys out da club.” 

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