Edge of Glory: Super Bowl XLIX Preview: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

Welcome back to Graz’s positional breakdown of the Superbowl.  Congratulations for making it through the first two installments of Edge of Glory.  The third one is sure to keep you interested or it will at least give you something to read while your boss or teacher thinks you are doing work at your desk.  This is a fun match up to look at.  Both teams lack Wide Receiver depth, but how do you stop Gronk is going to be the key issue in who wins this battle

Follow us after the jump to get the full breakdown on these two crucial positional matchups

Seahawks: Doug Baldwin is their number one wide receiver.  I will repeat that again…DOUG BALDWIN IS THERE NUMBER ONE WIDE RECEIVER.  How did they make it back to the Superbowl?  Grit and Russell Wilson is how!  They lost a major big play threat in Golden Tate in the off season but that did not stop them.  Pete Carroll made it clear that they will run the ball and smack opponents in the face.  They then pull the ball out off play action and hit these small but crafty wide receivers on excellently timed routs.  Doug Baldwin as well as Jermaine Kearse are excellent route runners and seem to always be in the right spot at the right time.  Furthermore, they are exceptional at finding pockets in zones during those Wilson scrambles and off balance throws, that make opponents Defensive Coordinators snap clip boards and angrily curse out Russell Wilson.  Jermaine Kearse is the real person I would watch out for in the Superbowl.  He has the down the field ability that allows the Seahawks to stretch the Pats Defense and keep them honest.  He was an undrafted free agent that always has a role in big games (Caught the game winners in back to back NFC Championship Games).  He has that chip on his shoulder that everyone on Seattle seems to have.  He will be a factor in this game.  Do not sleep on Luke Wilson either.  He is a reliable tight end with good hands and can run quality routes.  He is the safety blanket that a scrambling Wilson loves to look for.

Patriots: With one arm wrapped in a brace and the other big enough to kill a man Gronk is the closest thing that we have to a terminator robot.  The man is on pace to be one of the best tight ends ever as long as his injuries are behind him. He is a major receiving threat down the seam, can not be tacked by just one man, runs surprisingly crisp routes and run blocks like hes throwing people out of the club (Look for the video, its worth the watch).  Gronk is a matchup nightmare even for the Legion of Boom and he has the ability to make one big catch and run that can get the whole team hyped.  However, he is not the most important pass catcher in this offense.  That man is Julian Edelman and we all know it.  He always seems to be doing something to help this team win.  Whether it is picking up clutch first downs, making big plays out of nothing or even throwing Touchdowns, the man is a football player in all senses of the word.  He will have an impact on this game and may make the plays down the stretch to win this game.  Furthermore, the Emergence of Danny Boy (Danny Amendola) in the playoffs has really let Brady sling the ball around.  There is also Brandon Lafell who has had a good first year in New England.  After staring slow, he has come on late to find a good role in this team.

Edge: It goes to the Patriots and its not even that close.  They have the best tight end in football and wide receivers that know how to get open and run routes for their quarterbackDo not sleep on Seattle’s group though they will make a couple of plays down the field that will make Rob Kraft Grumble.

Next Up: Next up we talk about the lines of both teams.  Yes I know it is not the most exciting but football is won in the trenches.  So if you like fat people come back tomorrow!

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