2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – Randy Gregory

With the NFL season beginning to wind down, we here at the Grill are going to start breaking down the prospects that will be in this year’s NFL draft. For more information on how are grading works, please visit the prospects Page linked here. This will be one of many scouting reports to come. We will begin by profiling the major prospects in the draft and over time we will expand to cover some small school prospects and hopefully, come draft time, we will have about 100 profiles on prospects.

Name: Randy Gregory
Position: 4-3 Defensive End, 3-4 Outside Linebacker
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 240 Pounds
College: Nebraska
Class:  Redshirt Junior
2015 Stats: (10 Games) 54 Tackles, 7 Sacks, 1 INT

After the jump you will get a breakdown of Randy Gregory’s pro’s and con’s as well as our grade for Gregory.

Pros: Gregory is an incredible pass rusher with unbelievable athleticism, flexibility, and an out-of-this-world first step. He has the most explosive first step of any prospect since Von Miller. He has great instincts, never gives up on plays, and has made a ton of plays in pursuit when coming off the weak side. He uses his hands at an elite level to shed blocks and has experience playing against and beating double teams. He is scheme versatile and is ready to play from day one. If he ends up at linebacker, he also has shown the ability to play in pass coverage as well. Some of his most impressive plays have come against double teams, when pursuing the weakside. He has a Dwight Freeney like spin move as well.

Cons: While Gregory is an extraordinary athlete with exceptional pass rushing moves, he is pretty below average in run support. He gets tired easily when a mauling offensive line runs right at him and I have seen teams just run the ball at him to take away his effectiveness. He needs to add strength to be able to be an every-down player. He has also had some injury concerns.

Our Take: Despite being pretty bad in run support. Gregory has the ability to play a Von Miller like role early in his career, thriving on passing downs. He will be, at worst, an elite pass rushing terror who is a liability in run support. If he can add strength and improve gap containment, he has Jevon Kearse like upside.

Final Grade: 94 Out of 100

Despite concerns about his ability to stay healthy and play the run game, we still grade Gregory extremely highly. He is an extraordinary pass rusher with a developed set of moves and a great motor and upside. He should see the field early on pass rushing downs and be a top five pick

Possible Draft Spots: I could see Gregory going anywhere from #2 to Tennessee, which is what I have in my latest Mock Draft to as low as 3 or 4 to the Jaguars or Raiders. However, I simply cannot see him falling out of the top five.

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