2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – Melvin Gordon, Running Back, Wisconsin

With the NFL season beginning to wind down, we here at the Grill are going to start breaking down the prospects that will be in this year’s NFL draft. For more information on how are grading works, please visit the prospects Page linked here. This will be one of many scouting reports to come. We will begin by profiling the major prospects in the draft and over time we will expand to cover some small school prospects and hopefully, come draft time, we will have about 100 profiles on prospects.

Name: Melvin Gordon
Position: Running Back
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 207 Pounds
College: University of Wisconsin
Class: Redshirt Junior
2015 Stats: 343 Carries, 2587 Rushing Yards (7.5 YPC), 29 Rushing TDs, 19 Receptions, 153 Receiving Yards, 3 Receiving TDs

After the jump you will get a breakdown of Melvin Gordon’s pro’s and con’s as well as our grade for Gordon

Pros: Melvin Gordon has breakaway speed and elite explosiveness. He has unbelievable vision and has a great combination of power and strength. He is a willing blocker. He has great balance and his cuts are extremely quick and crisp. He is durable and has not missed anytime due to injury despite handling the ball a lot. He improved dramatically as a wide receiver.

Cons: He needs to improve his ball security as fumbling has been an issue. He also needs to improve on diagnosing pass protection and blitzes.

Our Take: Gordon is a special back with an unbelievable combination of strength, vision, and speed. He reminds us a lot of Jamaal Charles with a little more size but less receiving ability. As he works on his hands and holding onto the ball, he could become an elite running back. He is a first round pick in terms of quality but as we have seen, running backs tend to drop on draft day.

Final Grade: 91 Out of 100

Gordon grades out very highly on our scale. For a running back to get a first round grade is very impressive in today’s age. He can come in and be a game changer and I could see him dramatically improving a playoff team in need of a running back.

Possible Draft Spots: I think Gordon would be a great fit to go to the Colts late in the first round. The Colts are desperate for a running back and Gordon would give them a game changer who would instantly improve the team. Other spots I could see him landing in the first round are as high as 17 to the San Diego Chargers, or other teams like the Browns at 19, Lions at 23, Panthers at 25, or Seahawks at 31/32.

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