Brandon Browner and his Second* Super Bowl

Brandon Browner was a member of last years Seattle Seahawks team that took down Peyton Manning and the favorite Denver Broncos. But Browner did not play in the Super Bowl, nor did he play after December 18, 2013, after the NFL announced he failed the NFL’s performance enhancing drugs rule. Browner was not part of the Legion of Boom that shut down Manning en route to the Seahawks first Lombardi trophy in team history. He was snubbed by President Barack Obama at the team White House visit, when the Commander-in-Chief forgot to mention Browner when praising the Legion of Boom. And the team moved on from Browner, failing to offer him a deal before he signed with the New England Patriots in March of 2014. Now Browner is facing his old team in the big game, and although he may not be the leader of his new team, he has everything to prove.

Brandon Browner’s road to the NFL was not an easy one. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Denver Broncos in 2005 after a very successful career Oregon State University. He broke his forearm in a game against the San Fransisco 49ers early in the 2005 season, and was placed on injured reserve for the whole season. He was then waived during the offseason in 2006.
Browner then went to the CFL, signing with the Calgary Stampeders in 2006. He was a crowd favorite for his speed and competitiveness, playing from 2007-2010. He even won a Grey Cup with the Stampeders and was named a CFL All-Star twice in his short time in the CFL. This made him a perfect target for incoming head coach Pete Carroll.
Browner signed with the Seahawks in 2011, and started every game of the 2011 season. He was considered a lock down cover corner. But that is when the problems began for Browner. He was suspended for four games in 2012 for abusing prescription pain pills and failing the NFL performance enhancing drug policy. Despite this Browner had a fairly good season on the outside and made the Pro Bowl as an alternate. Again, in December 2013, Browner was facing an indefinite suspension for violating the same NFL policy again. As Browner was forced to watch, his Seahawks stormed the Super Bowl and took home the tittle. The Seahawks moved on from Browner and his multiple suspensions, and the Patriots picked him up.
Which brings us to Sunday, as Browner is playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl with his New England Patriots. Browner has been reportedly telling his teammates to try and break Richard Sherman’s injured arm. He has been a vocal player in firing up his team. And this is all understandable. Browner did not win the Super Bowl the first time, Browner watched the Super Bowl. He may have gotten a ring, but the competitive fire in Browner says that is not good enough. So now a bitter Browner wants to prove that his former team was wrong to think they can have success without him in the Legion of Boom. Browner wants to solidify himself as a great NFL cornerback after being doubted both in the draft and after his season ending injury with the Broncos. Brandon Browner just wants to play and to do anything to take down his former team. And on Sunday we will see what he is capable of.


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