Edge of Glory: Super Bowl XLIX Preview: Secondary

Welcome back to Graz’s positional breakdown Superbowl Preview!  We keep getting closer and closer to the game as we are nearing the end of these previews.  It has been a fun ride so far and hopefully you all had a good time along the way.  This is a GREAT match up if you are a football fan.  I used all caps to prove how good it is.  These are two of the best secondaries we have in football.  Both have lock down corners, ball-hawkers and my favorite big hitters.  The matchup also is between two of my favorite nicknames in the sport.  The Legion of Boom vs Revis Island.  Both are great nicknames and both bring it on game day. 

Check out the breakdown after the jump

Legion of Boom (Seahwaks): If you do not know how good the Seahawk secondary is are you really a football fan? That or you do not watch ESPN cover them 24/7 as the best thing since the Cornballer (Arrested Development joke here).  But they are actually filthy at football.  The four members of the Legion know how to bring it.  They run a Cover 2 scheme usually which allows the safety’s to roam the field and set up Richard Sherman to man up with the other teams best receiver.  What makes them more dangerous is actually not Sherman its the versatility and overall destructive nature of Kam Chancellor.  They occasionally roll him underneath and run a quasi robber set that is truly devastating.  (A robber scheme, for those of you who don’t know, is technically a cover one scheme with one deep safety but it appears to the offense as a cover two, due to the fact that the second safety makes a late jump into a short middle of the field zone.) This allows him to man up and take your tight end out of the game or slide up and fill holes and crush running backs before they get rolling.  He has the speed to cover the whole field and Earl Thomas his running mate and him have excellent chemistry that can ruin a QB’s day.  There is a reason why they are looking for back to back titles and the Legion is it.

Revis Island (Patriots):  Jets fans would want me to tell you that is not all about Darrelle Revis, but it is.  His exceptional play this season is one of the many reasons the Pats have made it this far.  He is one of the least penalized corners in football which is incredible during this period of pass-happy, flag-tossing football.  Is he in his prime still? I do not think so but he can still take half of the field away from you.  There is still an island out there when you see that one on one match up.  They also have Brandon Browner on the other side whose physicality and toughness makes him difficult for a wide receiver to get to his route.  Browner is highly penalized though and will be getting some sort of flag in the Superbowl hopefully it won’t be at a costly moment of the game.  Thy have good safeties as well as Devin McCourty, a Rutgers grad, has developed into a good player this year.  They also have Patrick Chung who is back in New England and is having a bounce back year.  They do not have the four big names but they have the talent.

Edge: I am sorry for picking on hype but the Edge goes to the Seahawks.  They have 3 All-Pro players in the secondary and they just came off a game where they held the best QB in football to 177 yards passing.  They are strong, they tackle incredibly well and lock down star players.  Tom Brady will have a difficult day Sunday.  As for Revis, he better be ready to tackle because the only thing coming his way on Sunday is Beastmode.

Next up:  Football is a three phase game…people always forget that.  We get to talk about special teams tomorrow!  Who doesn’t love 134 pound kickers winning Superbowls by kicking a field goal in the final seconds in a game he was never truly a part of…we will do punters and returners too. 


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