Edge of Glory: Super Bowl XLIX Preview: Special Teams

Welcome back to Graz’s Positional breakdown of the Superbowl.  We come to the last phase of the game, special teams.  This entire post is about kickers and punters are you not entertained.  The guys may actually make or break the game for either team.  But don’t worry I’ll talk about returners too so I can keep the causal fans interested as well.  Lets kick it off then!

Patriots: The Pats roll in with one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL.  Stephen Gostkowski missed only two field goals during the regular season and can hit them from distance.  Against the Legion of Boom the Pats may have to take field goals at the end of drives and most likely Stephen will bang them through. Just another fact my friend took Gostkowski  in the 8th round in fantasy football.  Yup that’s right he took a kicker int he 8th round that’s how good he has been.  Ryan Allen is a solid NFL punter and if the Patriots want to stay in this game they do not want to see any of this guy.  He is a classic Belichick punter because he is a lefty.  Belichick has had only lefty punters while in New England because he likes the way they kick the ball.  In the return game Edilman will handle the punts.  He has big play ability and can bring one but usually just gets brief returns.  The last thing to look out for is if Blount will be back returning kicks like he was last year.  He had massive success returning kicks last year and maybe we can see a return to the return game in the Superbowl. 

Seahawks: Let me tell you something my roommate last year was a Hawks fan.  There may be no one he loves more on the team then Steven Hauschka.  With an offense that tends to sputter out sometimes Hauchka is always a weapon for Seattle.  He can kick in any weather and from long distance plus he really is a fan favorite.  Jon Ryan coming off his TD pass in the NFC Championship Game has had a good year punting.  He is a steady player that can flip field position and help the Legion of Boom out by giving Brady bad field position.  In the Return, game both  Bryan Walters and Paul Richardson are both not Percy Harvin.  They both do not make big returns that flip the field and score.  They both just do their job to the best of their abilities as most Seahawks do.   They both need to just catch the ball and keep it.  Their best quality is to maintain position so they can give it to Beastmode.    

Edge: Pats.  Superior kicker and much better options in the return game.  Belichick loves special teams and will make sure they are well coached and ready to go.

Next: This is the End!! I will make a prediction and score for the game tomorrow.  I will also give out who has the overall edge!  Wasn’t this fun.  I am just getting excited for this game…it should be one for the ages. 


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  1. Paul Richardson is out for the season with ACL injury, Baldwin will probably return kickoffs again


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