Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

The Super Bowl is finally upon us and after weeks of breaking down the big game, we are finally ready to make our predictions here at Over The Grill. In this post, we will give you a score prediction along with our predictions of who wins MVP. Finally, we will predict who makes the key impact (not for the MVP) for each team. First, lets start with that and then after the jump we will give you our prediction on the winners and the MVPs of the game.

Key Player for Patriots:

Ryan: Can I say more than Gronk Spike for this game? Rob Gronkowski will be involved frequently, using both his size and mobility to find open field where he can catch and run. If Brady is throwing well, which if the last few games are any indication for the Patriot’s veteran signal caller, he will be, then I expect Gronk will be spiking the ball in the endzone more than once. On defense, it is up to corners Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner to prove that they are better lock down corners than anything the Legion of Boom has to offer.

Adam: The Patriots are a team that lacks star power outside of Gronk and Brady on offense, but a player I think will make a surprisingly big impact in this game is backup tight end Timothy Wright. Belicheck has been hiding him for the past few weeks and it is typical of Belicheck to game plan around a secondary player when he knows the opposing team will do everything they can to take out his stars. The Seahawks are going to do everything in their power to stop Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman and that will force someone else to step up. I think Wright will be that guy, with five catches for 90 yards and a touchdown.

Key Player for Seahawks: 

Ryan: The Legion of Boom will need to perform in a big way. The NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers proved that if the defense can keep the offense in the game, then the Seahawks will always have a shot to win. If the combination of Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas can lock down Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady, the Seahawks offense shouldn’t have to much of an issue handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch and riding Beast Mode to victory.

Adam: Graz broke down the position by position battles in the Super Bowl over the past few weeks and when talking about the linebackers, he briefly mentions Bruce Irvin.  I think Bruce Irvin is the key to this game for the Seahawks, as he will be going against Nate Solder, a young left tackle who has struggled at times for the Patriots. I think Irvin, with his speed and athleticism, give Solder trouble and Irvin will put together an impressive two sack performance along with a forced fumble.

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Final Score and Why: 

Ryan: This game will be a close one, but the New England Patriots have all the right things rolling for them. Seattle’s injury report includes Chancellor, Thomas and Sherman. If these three key players are not ready to go and are 100% healthy, the Seahawks will have a tough time keeping up with the threat of Rob Gronkowski. Sherman may be forced to miss the game with the birth of his first child expected to be sometime very soon. The Patriots are looking to shake a monkey off their back in Glendale after losing a perfect season there just seven years ago in Super Bowl XLII. I believe the Seahawks will get on the board early, scoring the first 10 points of the game. But I believe a Gronkowski touchdown to end the half will have the Patriots neck and neck with the defending champs. The New England Patriots will take home the Lombardi trophy in a 27-24 thriller with Stephen Gostkowski drilling a game winning field goal.

Adam: After looking at this matchup closely, I believe the Seahawks have a slight edge overall, due to their superior defense as well as their dominate running game. I believe this is going to be a relatively low scoring game where one or two key plays could change the game and I feel like the Seahawks have played in more close games this year, and are therefore more prepared for the late game situations. Despite winning three Super Bowls, Tom Brady has not had a big game winning drive in a Super Bowl since 2004 and Russell Wilson is coming off a miraculous comeback vs. Green Bay. I think this Seattle team just has that something special and they dominate this game on the ground and through a relentless pass rush that will throw Brady off his game. The Seahawks will win a close one, 24 to 20 with Brady failing in his attempt to lead a two minute drill at the end of the game.

Superbowl MVP and Why: 

Ryan: Robert Gronkowski will take home a new car and the MVP award with an 154 yards and 2 touchdown performance. Last time the Patriots found themselves in the Super Bowl, Gronk had a big drop in the end zone against the Giants to let the game slip out of their grasp. I expect Gronk to dominate the same way he has been doing all season, finding open space and making catches no matter the coverage on him. Josh McDaniels will use all the tricks up his sleeves to get his star tight end open and will let the big guy do the rest. Expect Gronk to almost break the earth with his two Gronk spikes.

Adam: Marshawn Lynch will win the MVP with 125 yards and 2 touchdowns. He has been in the media all week despite doing his best to avoid it. The best way to shut the media up will be to come out with a monster game. While the Patriots have a solid defense, the strength of their defense is in their secondary and not in their front seven. I think the Seahawks powerful offensive line will create holes for Lynch to run through, and if this is his last game, he is going to go out with a bang. Lynch will dedicate his award to the offensive line and end his reign in Seattle with a game their fans will never forget.


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