Josh’s Betting Picks – February 2nd

After a weekend full of pizza, chicken wings, and fun Super Bowl prop bets, we’re back to serious sports betting and making money.  Tonight my pick goes to the NBA in what my peers are calling, “The Dumbest Pick of All Time.”

Tonight, February 2nd, my selection is the New Orleans Pelicans plus the points against the Atlanta Hawks.  WAIT! Before you dismiss me completely, hear me out.  Yes, the Hawks are on a 19-game win streak.  Yes, the spread is only 3.5.  BUT… The Hawks’ last seven wins have all been comfortably at home.  Tonight, they travel to face a New Orleans team that has covered 5 of their L6 games.  Those covers were against very capable teams such as the Mavericks, Grizzlies, Raptors, and Clippers.  With Anthony Davis back on the New Orleans squad and the fact that the Hawks have failed to cover 3 of their L4 games, I expect tonight to be very disappointing for Atlanta fans.

Fortuna Audaces Iuvat
“Fortune favors the bold.”

Good luck,
Josh Mercado


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