NBA Playoff Reseeding

Should the NBA restructure the playoff bracket or is it good enough as is? This is a question new commissioner Adam Silver has been pondering this season. And it seems like a reasonable question. The western conference has 10 of the top 16 best records in the NBA. So what should the commissioner do? Read after the jump to hear my take.

The playoffs need to be fixed. the problem is what is the best way to restructure. The Commissioner bounced around the idea of dissolving the conferences all together, giving the top teams from each division an automatic berth and give the remaining spots to the teams based on who has the best record. It would make sense to dissolve the conferences, which mean nothing geographically anymore with teams like Memphis and New Orleans in the West when Chicago and Indiana are in the East. And it is unfair for a team to sneak into the playoffs with a record that could land them a lottery pick, which may happen for teams like the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Bobcats.
I think that the commissioner should propose this and two other reasonable options to present to the owners and the competition board. From here, I believe it is up to the owners and the Player’s Association to vote if a new system should take the old ones place. 
Here are somethings to consider with dissolving the two major conferences: how would the all-star game work, how would playoff seeding work, and what about the old time rivalries. Ultimately if this change takes place, its because the NBA wants to give their fans a more competitive product. Rivalries are a huge part  of the older teams, such as the Knicks or the Celtics. And the All-Star weekend is both a fan and player favorite. We will see where the NBA decides to go from here.

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