2015 NFL Team Needs By Division – AFC North

Over the next week or so, we will be previewing what each team in the NFL needs to address by position this year. We will break it down into each division for times sake. We will start with the AFC North today and move forward through the AFC and then the NFC. We will compile all of these into a page and update it as teams fill their needs through Free Agency and the Draft. The needs are listed in order of importance.

Cleveland Browns – Wide Receiver, Inside Linebacker, Quarterback, Defensive End

The Browns have an embarrassing group of wide receivers with not one on the team that deserves to be a starting NFL receiver. Regardless of who the quarterback is, they need to give them some real weapons to work with or they cannot expect any improvement. They also need to find a starting inside linebacker as the play they got from the position was just unacceptable. Finally, with Brian Hoyer possibly moving on and Johnny Manziel looking like a bust, the Browns could find themselves without a quarterback for next season.

Follow us after the jump for the remaining teams in the division

Cincinnati Bengals – Cornerback, Safety, Defensive End

The Bengals defensive was far worse than it has been in previous years this past year. They were not able to pressure the quarterback consistently and gave up big plays in both the passing and running games. The best way to improve their defense would be to upgrade the aging and declining secondary. However, they also could use some additional pass rushers at defensive end.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Tight End

The Steelers are a very young team improving at a lot of areas but depending on how things work out with Jason Worilds, they are very thin at outside linebacker. Also, they do not have a proven shut down corner and could be looking to address that need this year. Also, Heath Miller is on his last legs and bringing in a young athletic tight end should be a priority for them this offseason.

Baltimore Ravens – Cornerback, Safety, Offensive Guard, Running Back

The Ravens had one of the worst secondaries in the NFL last year and if they want to get better, they must find a starting quality corner and an upgrade at safety. Secondly, they are liking going to have to find a new starting guard or center depending on how they manage their free agents. And finally, depending on what happens with Justin Forsett, they could be in the market for a new running back.


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