2015 NFL Team Needs By Division – AFC East

With the 2015 NFL Offseason about to be in full swing, Over The Grill has decided it would be good to give a rundown on every team’s positional needs. We have started already, previewing the AFC North yesterday. These needs will be filled through a combination of free agency and the draft, most likely, with the possibility of them being filled through trades as well. For a look at all the possible draft prospects that could fill these needs, check out our scouting reports page. For a look at what players we think teams will take in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft, check out our database of mock drafts. And without further ado, here is our rundown of the positional needs in the AFC East. We will preview the Jets before the jump, and then after the jump, take a look at the Bills, Dolphins, and defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

New York Jets: Cornerback, Offensive Tackle, Running Back, Wide Receiver

The Jets are a team that has a decent amount of talent but is seriously lacking at a few key positions. They have one of the worst groups of cornerback’s in the NFL and if they would like to be competitive again, adding a lock-down corner would be a great start. While there doesn’t appear to be a cornerback worthy of the #6 pick, I believe the Jets will add a starting quality corner in free agency and then look to address the position again on the second day of the draft. The Jets also need to add a dynamic running back as their combination of backs just is not going to insert fear into any defense. Finally, the Jets could use another offensive tackle to compete at right tackle.

Follow us after the jump to get the rest of the division’s positional needs

Buffalo Bills: Safety, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Inside Linebacker

The Bills are a team trending in the right direction but are still short at a few key areas. The main concern for the Bills has to be at safety, where they lack a consistent playmaker. Secondly, they need to continue to add talent at wide receiver for whoever their quarterback will be. Without a first round pick, I do not see them being able to upgrade the quarterback position this year so I have not listed that as a need. The Bills also need upgrades at tight end and inside linebacker, where they have solid depth guys but no key starter. The Bills will look to be active in free agency as they lack the firepower in the draft to significantly update their roster.

Miami Dolphins: Linebacker, Cornerback, Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle

The Dolphins have been unable to get over the hump in the past couple of seasons but they are definitely a team trending in the right direction. Their key needs are for a starting quality player at all three levels of the defense as they have some key starters that are pending free agents. I could also see them wanting to increase their woeful pass rush by adding a rush linebacker and an interior pass rusher. Finally, they could look to address depth on the offensive line while also possibly needing another running back and receiver depending on what happens with their own free agents at those two positions.

New England Patriots: Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle, Running Back, Offensive Tackle

The Patriots are coming off a dramatic Super Bowl victory but that does not mean this team is flawless. They lack a true number one wide receiver and with Brady’s career winding down, they might want to find one in the next two drafts to ease the transition. Secondly, they lack a true force at defensive tackle with Vince Wilfork aging. Also, all of their running backs are free agents this year so they need to make the right moves there. And finally, they could use some competition for starting left tackle Nate Solder, who has been a large disappointment so far in his career.


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