2015 NFL Team Needs By Division – AFC South

We are in the midst of previewing every team in the NFLs needs before free agency and the draft come around. We have already done the AFC North and AFC East and are compiling them on our NFL Team Needs page. Today we will take a look at the woeful AFC South, which features two of the worst teams in the NFL, one team with no quarterback, and one talented, young team. Before the jump we will look at the Titans and afterwords, we will take a look at the Jaguars, Texans, and Indianapolis Colts.

Tennessee Titans: Quarterback, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Running Back

The Titans for some reason think they have a franchise quarterback in Zach Mettenberger and are possibly going to pass up on the chance at Marriota or Winston this year to try and develop him. However, that does not change the fact that they absolutely need to find a quarterback as none of the QBs on their roster have shown anything thus far. Outside of that, they need to add some pass rushers on the defensive line as they simply do not generate enough pressure on the quarterback. Finally, they could use some additional talent at corner and wide receiver along with possibly adding another talented running back.

Follow us after the jump for the remaining teams in the AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars: Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle/End, Cornerback , Wide Receiver, Running Back

The Jaguars have a few primary needs that have to be addressed in order for them to even become moderately competitive. One, they need to improve their offensive line, particularly the right tackle position. Two, they need to add a dominant defensive linemen, be it a tackle or an end. Thirdly, they must add a playmaker at three positions where they have none, corner, receiver, and running back. And this is assuming that Blake Bortles is the guy to take them to the next level, which I am still highly skeptical of.

Houston Texans: Quarterback, Running Back, Safety, Cornerback, Wide Receiver

Houston is a very talented team but they are missing the key to any team: a quarterback. None of the current quarterbacks on the roster deserve to be starting in the NFL and until the Texans can add a starting quality QB, they won’t make the playoffs. Also, Arian Foster is likely done or on the verge of being done and they could use a more consistent running back. Finally, their defensive backfield could use some upgrades as they were often exposed in coverage despite a great pass rush.

Indianapolis Colts: Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle, Inside Linebacker, Safety, Wide Receiver

Indianapolis was exposed for their lack of physicality on both sides of the football. First and foremost, they need to add a mauling guard who can create running lanes. And then on defense, every positional group needs someone who can play the run. They need to add a massive, space eating defensive tackle along with a physical inside linebacker who can shed blocks. They could also serve to give Andrew Luck another talented wide receiver.


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