NBA Dunk Contest Preview

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is poised to be one of the worst Dunk Contests in the history of the NBA All-Star festivities. With only four contestants, not many big names can be found on the contender sheet. We can find the likes of Orlando Magic Victor Olidipo, Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, Brooklyn Net Mason Plumlee, and Minnesota Wolves rookie Zach LaVine. Find what I really think of the dunk contest after the jump.

The lineup may be extremely underwhelming but it has potential. I said above it is poised to be the worst in the history of the contest. The contest is back to only four contestants and the NBA has done away with the awful team based rules used at last years All-Star Weekend. Despite lacking real Superstar talent, the four contestants can jump for sure.
Zach LaVine, in the short time he has been in the NBA has proven he can get off the floor. He has had several emphatic dunks for an underwhelming Wolves squad this year. He also proved his jumping ability during his official NBA workout before the 2014 draft.
Mason Plume has surprised many with his play this season. As a long, lanky big, he has the ability to throw down with power. He has shown his dunking prowess by slamming over several other bigs in the lane.
Giannis Antetokounmpo is called the Greek-Freak for his ridiculously lanky body and his absurd athleticism. In open space, he has the ability to touch the sky and come down all over the opponent. 
Victor Olidipo is another player that can leap into the stratosphere. The second year guard can get up in a big way and has similar hops to that of previous winner Kobe Bryant.
I believe these four rookies can revive the dunk contest in a big way if they truly realize their potential. Recall the 2000 dunk contest. After a 2 year hiatus from the competition the NBA brought it back in a big way and it went down as one of the best dunk contests in history as teammates Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady went back and forth with displays of leaping ability. I believe players like LaVin and Antetokounmpo will use their unreal jumps to breathe some life back into the contest. If the players do not put in the effort and creativity needed for a successful dunk contest, it can crash and burn in a big way.
I believe the Greek-Freak has the length, athleticism and competitiveness to take the Contest this year. He will put on a show for all the fans watching in the New York area. I think LaVine will hang in with the Bucks budding star, but eventually fall in the final round.
P.S. Why won’t LeBron James compete? Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan both won the dunk contest, so why won’t the current best player in the world show what he’s got? America needs and answer.

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