2015 NFL Team Needs by Division – NFC South

With the NFL off season about to get in full swing, it is a good time to take a look at what each and every team in the NFL needs to address to improve their rosters. Here at Over The Grill, we have created a page to track the 2015 NFL Team Needs By Division. So far, we have covered every team in the AFC and over the next few days we will focus on the NFC, beginning with the South now and the North later today. Before the jump we will preview the Bucs team needs and then after the jump we will cover the Falcons, Saints, and defending NFC South champion Carolina Panthers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Quarterback, Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle, Running Back, Strong Safety

The Bucs number one need is finding a quarterback who can get their talented group of weapons the ball. They have done a solid job adding talented pass catchers the past few years, through the free agency signing of Vincent Jackson and drafting Mike Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. However, if the Bucs want to improve as a franchise, they must find a franchise quarterback in this draft class. However, they also should look to upgrade both tackle positions in order to keep their new franchise prospect protected. Both Bobby Rainey and Doug Martin have been disappointments thus far as they cannot stay healthy and are both fumble prone. Finally, the Bucs could use an upgrade at strong safety if one presents itself, although it is not a desperate need.

Follow us after the jump for the rest of the NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Outside Linebacker, Tight End, Cornerback, Safety, Defensive End, Offensive Tackle

The Falcons had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in their first year running a 3-4 system and that was due to a serious lack of talent at all three levels of the defense. First and foremost, they must add at least one talented pass rushing linebacker in order to run an effective three four. Secondly, they need to find two starting quality players in the secondary, ideally one at corner and one at safety. And finally, the could use an upgrade at defensive end as well. On offense, the Falcons lack a threat at the tight end position and also need upgrades at offensive tackle. Finally, they could use another running back as well if they could find a feature back.

New Orleans Saints – Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Defensive End

The Saints do not possess a ton of needs, however, the three positions where they need help present glaring issues that totally derailed their defense. While Junior Galette is a solid outside linebacker, they need to find an upgrade across from him. Similarly, Keenan Lewis is a very good starting corner but he has nobody to play across from him or in the nickel. And finally, Cameron Jordan is a phenomenal defensive end but he does not have someone who can play across from him. If the Saints can improve these three positions, they can turn their defense from a major weakness into a strength.

Carolina Panthers – Running Back, Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker

Despite winning the division, one could argue that the Panthers actually have the most needs to fulfill this off season. First and foremost, they must find a talented running back and upgrade their offensive line, in order to take pressure off of Cam Newton and protect him better. Then, with it looking more and more likely that Greg Hardy will never play football again, the Panthers need to find an upgrade at defensive end as they lack a true presence their across from Charles Johnson. They also need to upgrade the cornerback position as they lack a play-maker there and finally, on defense, they need to add a third talented linebacker to pair with Thomas Davis and Luke Keuchly. They could also stand to add a second talented wide receiver across from rookie phenom Kelvin Benjamin.


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