2015 NFL Combine Preview

The day has finally arrived. Today is the beginning of this year’s NFL Combine, which has become a massive spectacle where this year’s top draft prospects have a chance to show their athletic gifts off and raise their draft stock. We have seen players like Dontari Poe sky rocket into the first round while others, like Vontaze Burfict, saw their stocks plummet at the Combine. While some say the Combine should not be an important part in a prospects evaluation, many people love watching and debating how these potential football players perform in spandex. At Over The Grill, we believe that a prospects film and on field performance is far more important than anything they can do at a combine, we do recognize the importance of at least testing in the average ranges for your position. Over the next couple of days, we will provide recaps of the Combine using the Label “2015 NFL Combine”. You can see how this affects our Mock Drafts throughout the next coming weeks by checking out our Mock Draft Database. We will not provide any Combine stats in our Prospect Scouting Reports as we do not evaluate and grade prospects based off of the Combine. However, some athletic traits will factor into our evaluation of prospects and therefore, if we had evaluated a prospect as a high level athlete and they fail to prove that, then we will lower their grade and vice versa.


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