2015 NFL Team Needs By Division – NFC East

With this post, highlighting the positional needs of each team in the NFC East, we are going to be wrapping up our eight part series on every team in the NFL’s positional needs. You can now check out our NFL Team Needs page to find links to the needs for all 32 teams in the NFL. Teams typically look to fill these needs through the NFL Draft as well as free agency. This post will look at the NFC East, a division that has taken a serious step back in the past few years. Before the jump we will look at the Washington Redskins, while after the jump we will check out the Giants, Eagles, and defending division champion Dallas Cowboys.

Washington Redskins – Outside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Nose Tackle, Safety
The Redskins actually have a fairly solid offense at most positions, besides right tackle where they could use an upgrade. However, their problems are severe on the defensive side of the ball. They run a 3-4 scheme without any dominant defensive linemen who require double teams and with only one solid pass rusher. If this scheme is going to be effective, they must upgrade the talent in the front seven. Also, they could use a serious upgrade at free safety, where Ryan Clark was totally incompetent.
Follow us after the jump for the rest of the division

New York Giants – Defensive End, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Running Back, Tight End, Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, Free Safety
To me, when I look at the Giants roster for next year, they might just be the worst team in the NFL. They have major holes at so many different positions. At defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul is a regressing free agent and they lack talent across from him. They could use an upgrade at both right tackle and right guard and their starting left tackle Will Beatty is a free agent as well. They need upgrades at both tight end and running back. There starting linebacker core only has two solid starters and they could use an upgrade at free safety. Finally, they may lose star strong safety Antrell Rolle to free agency. Without Eli Manning, this is at best a 3 or 4 win team. They need to upgrade the talent level of this roster seriously or they will be wasting having a franchise quarterback.
Philadelphia Eagles – Cornerback, Safety, Offensive Tackle, Defensive End
The Eagles are a very good offensive team that only needs an upgrade at offensive tackle. However, they have the worst secondary in the NFL and need upgrades at both cornerback spots as well as at safety. If they are going to take the next step under Chip Kelly, he must make upgrading the defensive side of the ball a priority or this will continue to be a team that cannot hang onto leads and can get taken out of the game very easily, despite a wonderful offense.
Dallas Cowboys – Cornerback, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Tight End
The Cowboys have a rapidly improving defense that is quite young but they lack any pass rushing threats at all. If this defense is going to take the next step, they not only need to improve the talent at cornerback but also add at least two legit pass rushers to the front seven. Also, Jason Witten is getting old and rapidly declining and Tony Romo needs a new safety blanket that he can rely on at tight end.

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