Derrick Rose Tears Meniscus – What does this mean for his career

The story and saga of Derrick Rose is now becoming one of tragedy. The one time 23 year old MVP is now going through his second tear of his meniscus along with having previously torn his ACL. When healthy, Rose is one of the most dominant players in the NBA, using his combination of craftiness, athleticism, and intelligence to slice and dice defenses. However, this knee has become a recurring problem and it could potentially put his career in jeopardy. If Rose does hang it up, how will he be remembered? As an NBA MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist who left it all on the court? Or as an injury-prone, soft player who could never win a championship? In a league full of young stars, Rose was once seen as the player who could step up and challenge Lebron James for the title of best player in the NBA. However, it now looks like he may never stay healthy long enough to do that again, and that is a damn shame. Follow after the jump for some stats about Derrick Rose

  • Derrick Rose has missed 165 out of possible 221 games since start of 2012-13 season, nearly 75%. (via @ESPNStatsInfo)
  • The medial meniscus tear in the right knee is the same injury Rose suffered in November 2013
  • Chicago Bulls, last 4 seasons: • With Derrick Rose: 66-29, .695 Win pct • Without Derrick Rose: 113-79, .589 Win pct (@SportsCenter)
  • The 46 Games Rose Played This Season Were the Most He’s Played Since 2010-11 (

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