2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – T.J. Clemmings, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

With the NFL season beginning to wind down, we here at the Grill are going to start breaking down the prospects that will be in this year’s NFL draft. For more information on how are grading works, please visit the prospects Page linked here. This will be one of many scouting reports to come. We will begin by profiling the major prospects in the draft and over time we will expand to cover some small school prospects and hopefully, come draft time, we will have about 100 profiles on prospects.

Name: T.J. Clemmings
Position: Offensive Tackle
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 315 Pounds
College: University of Pittsburgh
Class: Redshirt Senior

After the jump you will get a breakdown of T.J. Clemmings pro’s and con’s as well as our grade for Clemmings.

Pros: Has the prototypical frame and athleticism to become a dominant left tackle in the NFL. Great arm length, very good quickness and agility, and has good flexibility. Is very capable of handling speed rushers off the edge. Uses his long arms and fluid hips to mirror the defensive ends as they try to make pass rushing moves. Has very consistent technique and footwork for someone who has only been playing offensive tackle for two seasons. Can get to the second level as a run blocker and due to his athleticism, he is not lost when in the second level. An amazing run blocker due to his frame and hand placement and almost never loses in a one-on-one situation versus a power pass rushing move.

Cons: A little too much finesse at times and does not use his hands consistently. At times struggles to force pass rushers inside but that might be due to lack of experience. Is probably not a fit in a power blocking scheme and would fit best in a zone blocking scheme. Will need a year or two to continue to learn the position at a high level. Sometimes struggles to recognize the pass rushers due to his lack of experience and is vulnerable to stunt moves along the defensive line.

Our Take: Clemmings is an intriguing prospect because he has ideal size and athleticism and has progressed tremendously in his two years playing offensive line. If placed in the proper scheme and given time to develop, he has the potential to be the next Tyron Smith and that alone should make him a first round pick. He is a physically gifted player who works tremendously hard.

Final Grade: 93 Out of 100

Despite how raw he is in terms of experience, Clemmings displays high level technique and unbelievable athleticism and that combined with his strength and frame give him a very high grade. As he learns the position and gets coached up by NFL coaches, he should become a stud left tackle in the NFL.

Possible Draft Spots: I see Clemmings going somewhere between picks 9 and 25 to a team who has a zone blocking system and needs a left tackle. Some possible landing spots are the Giants at number 9, Vikings at 11, Dolphins at 14, Eagles at 20, Steelers at 22, Cardinals at 24 or Panthers at 25.

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