Breaking: Josh McCown signs with Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns had two average quarterbacks last year in Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. However, Hoyer is a free agent who had no interest in returning to the Browns and Manziel is an alcoholic who is currently in rehab. That left the Browns in a major hole and they made a move on the top free agent quarterback available, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Josh McCown. McCown is a 10 year NFL Veteran who has revived his career the past two seasons. After filling in for injured Jay Cutler in 2013, McCown had an impressive eight game run with the Bears that landed him a one year deal in Tampa Bay. Despite going just 1 and 10 in his 11 starts with the Bucs this year and being benched after 11 games, McCown somehow found himself the recipient of a 3 year deal worth up to $20 million and $6.25 million guaranteed. For a quarterback who has a history of losing games and who had a 70.5 QB Rating last year and just a 56.3% completion percentage, this move reeks of desperation by the Browns, especially considering they have two first round picks and could have been in position to draft Brett Hundley or trade up to try and get Marcus Marriota. It will be interesting to see if this move works out but given the Browns and McCown’s history, I just doubt the Browns found their answer at quarterback here.


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