This week in the NBA: Top Plays!

Every Sunday afternoon we will publish our weekly top plays around the NBA. The plays that will be in this page are from the games through Monday to Sunday. Also, be sure to check back on Wednesday for our rundown of the top games upcoming this weekend! Also, be sure to comment on your favorite plays at the bottom too!


Richard Jefferson throws down the hammer on MKG!

Avery Bradley hits the clutch buzzer beater shot to

send the game to overtime.

James Harden puts Ricky Rubio on skates.

Isaiah Cannan with the shot of the year!

Steph Curry hit the impossible circus lay up.

Brooklyn’s rookie¬†guard Markel Brown throwsdown a 360 dunk on a fast break.

Andre Iguodala makes Matthew Delladova look silly with his crossover.

Chris Paul makes it look easy on this 1v4 fastbreak!

Rookie dunking sensation Zach LaVine throws down a ferocious dunk!


About Richard Schnyderite

-College student at RU, majoring in Journalism -Huge sports fan especially when it comes to the Nets, Giants, Devils, Yankees. -Recruiting analyst for Rutgers247, the Rutgers home on the 247sports network

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