2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – Brandon Scherff, Offensive Guard, University of Iowa

The NFL Season has come and gone as has the Combine and it is officially NFL Draft season. Over the next two or so months, we will attempt to provide and publish about 100 unique scouting reports on potential NFL Draft picks. The aim of these scouting reports is to provide a detailed breakdown of each player based off of extensive film study. You can check out our Scouting Reports Page to see all of the reports we have published. This profile will take a look at Brandon Scherff, the multi-year starter from the University of Iowa. Scherff has started the past two years at left tackle for the Hawkeyes while playing through injuries. When healthy, he was a dominant blocker both in terms of pass protection and run blocking. His biggest strength is in his, well, strength and he uses that plus good athleticism to manhandle defenders.

Name: Brandon Scherff
Position: Offensive Guard
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 320 Pounds
College: University of Iowa
Class: Redshirt Senior

After the jump you will get a breakdown of Brandon Scherff’s pro’s and con’s as well as our grade for Scherff.

Pros: Scherff possesses phenomenal upper body strength and has great leg power as well to drive opponents through his blocks. He uses his hands tremendously well and has great knee bend. He does a great job keeping his defender away from his body which allows him to control the play. He is a good but not great pass blocker and has phenomenal technique when pass blocking. Does a great job getting to the second level and finishing blocks. Very tough and a hard worker.

Cons: Has some hip flexibility problems and is not going to be able to stay at tackle in the NFL, which means he has to learn how to play guard. Isn’t the quickest in terms of foot movement or movement overall. Has had a few serious leg injuries in college.

Our Take: Scherff is a phenomenal player who has proven himself against the best of the best in college football. He has all the tools to be an absolutely dominate guard in the NFL and reminds me a lot of Notre Dame’s Zach Martin. Scherff will come in and bust his tail to succeed and with his combination of power and technique, he will likely start from day one at left guard for a team and instantly upgrade their running game and pass protection. As long as he can stay healthy, he will be an All-Pro at guard.

Final Grade: 94 Out of 100

Scherff grades out as the top guard in the draft by a long ways. His grade is likely higher than he will be drafted as his position is not highly valued in the NFL, although I could see him sneaking into the top ten as the Giants have a massive need at guard. He has the potential to play tackle in the NFL as well, although I don’t think many teams will be considering him for that role due to his arm length and lack of elite quickness.

Possible Draft Spots: As I said earlier, the earliest I could see Scherff going is to the Giants at number nine, as they do not have a starting quality guard on their roster. After that, I could see the Rams taking him at ten depending on how the draft board plays out but then more realistically, he falls in the range of 12 to 25, going to either the Browns at 12/19, the Dolphins at 14, the Texans at 16, Chiefs at 18, Cardinals at 24, or Panthers at 25.

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