Breaking: Buffalo Bills Acquire Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel Through Trade

The Buffalo Bills acquired their new running back yesterday, when they traded for Eagles star LeSean McCoy. Today, they continued to make moves, acquiring former Patriot, Chiefs, and Vikings¬†quarterback Matt Cassel. The trade is said to be Matt Cassel and an undisclosed draft pick for undisclosed picks from the Bills. It is hard to judge the trade without knowing what round all the picks are in but for now, this seems like a decent move by a team desperate to find a starting quarterback to pair with the rest of the talented offensive players they have. For the Vikings, they should be happy that they were able to land anything for Cassel, a player they were reportedly going to cut if they couldn’t find a trade partner. Cassel has a lot of experience in this league, starting at least 8 games in five of the last six years. While he is not a franchise quarterback by any means, he has proven that if playing behind a good offensive line with decent weapons that he can win games, and with what Rex Ryan wants to do with this Bills team, Cassel can likely be the game manager quarterback that Ryan needs, as long as he can limit turnovers.


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