2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – La’El Collins, Offensive Tackle/Guard, LSU

The NFL Season has come and gone as has the Combine and it is officially NFL Draft season. Over the next two or so months, we will attempt to provide and publish about 100 unique scouting reports on potential NFL Draft picks. The aim of these scouting reports is to provide a detailed breakdown of each player based off of extensive film study. You can check out our Scouting Reports Page to see all of the reports we have published. La’El Collins has been a model of consistency at LSU, starting for the past three years, with the past two coming at Left Tackle. He decided to return for his senior season last year despite being a projected first round pick and showed tremendous improvement in the past year. If he can continue to improve on a few small issues, he will become a dominant player in the NFL sooner rather than later.

Name: La’El Collins
Position: Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 321 Pounds
College: LSU
Class: Senior

Pros: Collins is a two year starter at left tackle and has started 38 straight games for LSU overall. He has a thick frame and possesses a ton of power and strength both in his upper and lower body. He has very long arms and is an explosive and dominant run blocker. He is extremely quick off the snap and when he latches onto a defender, he almost always finishes the block. He gets to the second level with ease and has great body control and quickness. He is versatile. As a pass blocker he does a good job initially with sliding out and using his hands.

Cons: Struggles at times with speed rushers due to a lack of balance and poor hand placement at times. He is over aggressive which can lead to both penalties and missed blocks. Is inconsistent in staying back in pass protection and lunges at times.

Our Take: Collins is going to be a very high draft pick because of his versatility and dominance in run blocking. He is an above average pass blocker and his willingness to play guard or tackle will make him appealing to teams. He has been a model of consistency at LSU and has dominated at whatever position he played. I believe his best fit would be sliding inside to guard but I could also see him developing into a dominant tackle over time, if he can improve his balance and technique consistency.

Final Grade: 93 Out of 100

Collins grades out as one of the premiere linemen in the draft due to his versatility, consistency, and strength. If he can improve on just a few small things, and with his work ethic he likely will, he will become a dominate player at either guard or tackle rather quickly. I believe that, due to him spending all four years at LSU instead of leaving early last year, he is ready to come in and compete for a starting job on Day One.

Possible Draft Spots: Luckily for Collins, there are plenty of teams picking between 10 and 25 that need offensive line help and that is ultimately the range where I see Collins going. The teams picking in that range that could select him are the Rams at 10, the Browns at either 12 or 19, the Dolphins at 14, the 49ers at 15, the Texans at 16, the Chiefs at 18, or Panthers at 25 should he some how slide that far. Ultimately, I believe he presents a good combination of need and value to either the Texans at 16 or the Chiefs at 18.

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