Panthers sign TE Greg Olsen to a 3-year $22.5 million deal

The Panthers have just locked up one of there best offensive weapons over the past 3 seasons when they signed Tight End Greg Olsen to a 3-year deal worth $22.5 million deal that includes a $12 million signing bonus. For Olsen, in the four years he has been with Carolina his stats have gone up every year since 2011 when he was traded from Chicago. Last year in particular he had 84 receptions with 1,008 yards with 6 TD’s while leading the Carolina Panthers in receptions and yards. The only tight end in the NFL who had more yards than him is arguably the best Tight End in the league, Rob Gronkowski. Greg Olsen fully deserves this contract and he will be a key part into turning the Panthers into a true threat in the NFC Conference.


About Richard Schnyderite

-College student at RU, majoring in Journalism -Huge sports fan especially when it comes to the Nets, Giants, Devils, Yankees. -Recruiting analyst for Rutgers247, the Rutgers home on the 247sports network

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