2015 NBA Draft Prospect Scouting Reports – Emmanuel Mudiay, Point Guard, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The NBA season is beginning to thankfully wind down for teams like the Knicks, 76ers, Nuggets and a few others and for fans of those teams, along with fans of other teams, attention is starting to shift to the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft. With that, we here at Over The Grill have began our coverage of the NBA Draft the past week, publishing our Initial Mock Draft last week, and Scouting Reports on Jahil Okafor and Karl Anthony-Towns already. This report will be on the super talented point guard, Emmanuel Mudiay, who was set to enroll at SMU this year but was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and went to China to play this season. He is a jack of all trades who is simply unguardable but he is truly a two-way guard. Find out more about Mudiay by reading this scouting report.

Emmanuel Mudiay

Name: Emmanuel Mudiay

Country: Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo Flag

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 200 lbs

Age: 19 years old

Wingspan: 6’8.5”

Draft Range: Top 3

Emmanuel Mudiay is an interesting prospect because not a lot of people were able to see him first hand, as he decided not to enroll in college and play professionally in China instead, but was only able to play in 10 games before injuring his ankle. He is young, turning 19 today. He is a do it all point guard, scoring 17.7 points per game, grabbing 6 rebounds per game and dishing out 5.9 assists per game. He shot an impressive 54.8% from the field in his time in China.

His size makes him NBA ready, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 200 pounds. He was able to have success in the Chinese Basketball Association before tweaking his ankle. He can use this size to finish through contact, score inside and grab boards. He is a very good athlete, with a quick first step. He also has the ability to get up and finish above the rim. He is at his best in transition, both scoring and distributing. He has speed from baseline to baseline, and can start and stop on a dime. He is also very unselfish with the ball and has the ability to find his men by seeing over defenders due to his height. He would be a perfect pairing with a pick and roll big as he has excellent pace and timing when it comes to running the pick and roll. His excellent handles and change of speeds and directions helps Mudiay get to the rim. He also has an incredible back to create his own offense and takes care of the ball.

Mudiay has the tools to be a two-way player in the NBA level. He is quick laterally, with long arms and a good amount of strength. This could prove effective when guarding both 1s and 2s. Although he competed for the most part in the CBA, his effort can waver, shown by his lack of consistency on defense. He is also turnover prone, averaging 3.1 turnovers per game. He has a tendency to get too relaxed and too loose with the ball. Muddily will try to thread the needle a bit too often and likes going for that homerun play. Also, Mudiay struggles making shots with range and consistency. He shoots only 30% from 3 and a measly 58.1% from the line. His mechanics waver, and has been know to sometimes shoot on the way down.

This athleticism and his overall physical abilities gives Mudiay a high upside for any NBA team considering taking him. He has the potential to become even more dangerous if he improves his range, as defenders will have to play up in him. His quickness and size combo make it tough to keep in front of him, creating opportunities of Mudiay to succeed driving and creating, something he has shown he is capable of doing during his stint in the CBA. Emmanuel Mudiay is a surefire talent that should not be over looked in this year’s coming Draft. He has the competitive fire, and the physical skill set to become one of the better point guards in the NBA in a couple of years. Under the right coach, I think Mudiay will enjoy a long and successful NBA career.


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