Devin McCourty resigns with New England

The Patriots haven’t made many moves this offseason other than franchise tagging their Kicker Stephen Gostkowski and cutting DT Vince Wilfork. We all know how much Belichick loves his Rutgers players, so it only makes sense that the Patriots shelled out the cash to make another move to retain the former Rutgers star. They have agreed to resign their defensive leader and what some consider the prize of free agency this year in safety Devin McCourty. The rumored deal is $47.5 million over the next 5 years. It has been reported the Giants and Eagles were both very interested in brining in the captain of the Patriots defense. So far since joining the league Devin has been to the Pro Bowl once, won a super bowl, has been named 2nd team All-Pro twice and his rookie year he tied for second for most interceptions as a rookie (7 ints.) Since than McCourty has been the leader the team leans on as a very vocal player, an elite talent at the safety position, and he is the perfect example of how all players should act on and off the field. Be on the lookout for the Patriots to try and make a decision within their secondary soon, on whether or not they should resign Revis or go elsewhere.


About Richard Schnyderite

-College student at RU, majoring in Journalism -Huge sports fan especially when it comes to the Nets, Giants, Devils, Yankees. -Recruiting analyst for Rutgers247, the Rutgers home on the 247sports network

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