Breaking: Saints trade Jimmy Graham to Seahawks

In a shocking move, the Seahawks have traded a 1st round pick and starting center Max Unger to the Saints for Jimmy Graham and a 4th round pick. While this move absolutely fills the Seahawks massive need at tight end, I am not sure this was a very prudent move for the organization. For starters, the Seahawks are a run first team and they now lose two key starters from their dominant offensive line as James Carpenter has signed with the Jets and they have now traded Unger to the Saints. Secondly, Jimmy Graham is arguably the worst run blocking tight end in the league and therefore, I question just how much he will be able to even see the field for a team who loves to run the football. Thirdly, Graham is owed $27 million over the next three years and he is coming off a year where he battled injuries and declining production. While this move certainly gives Russel Wilson a dominant pass catching weapon, I am just not sure how useful of a player Graham will be for the Seahawks offense.

For the Saints, they now posses the 13th and 31st overall picks and have added a dominant center who will instantly improve their line. They also have created massive cap space which will allow them to go out and improve the rest of their roster. I believe the Saints have gotten the better of this trade.


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