Jets to bring back CB Darelle Revis

The new look New York Jets have decided to bring back CB Darelle Revis after the New England Patriots did not pick up his option for $20 million, the Jets front office made it a priority to get him. Revis one of the best lockdown corners in the game has been solid in his two years since last playing for New York. Although he’s only had 5 interceptions 85 tackles and 25 pass deflections in those two years he’s been extremely lockdown to most wide receivers. Also, not to mention his best year as a corner was with the Jets in 2009 when he had 6 interceptions and 31 pass deflections. Revis is one of the best corners and the stats alone prove it. The Jets acquiring Revis helps the Jets in a few ways. You take away a top corner from the your division rivals, you add a #1 corner to help a weak secondary, and you bring back someone who knows your organization. The deal might be on the high side for a 30 year old cornerback but you have to pay for talent. You can argue the Jets made the right move trading him two years ago when he was coming off a knee injury and in my opinion they made the right move in bringing him back to New York.


About Richard Schnyderite

-College student at RU, majoring in Journalism -Huge sports fan especially when it comes to the Nets, Giants, Devils, Yankees. -Recruiting analyst for Rutgers247, the Rutgers home on the 247sports network

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