NBA Power Rankings Week 5 3/10

With NBA in full swing and the trade deadline over, some teams have put together a roster of contenders and other remain as pretenders. We’ve seen scoring, defense, injuries and surprising starts. MVP candidates have emerged and preseason picks have not been what they seemed. Here are my NBA Power Rankings for the Week of March10.

1. Golden State Warriors 50-12

Last Week 1

The Warriors are 27-2 at home with 7 of their next nine at the Oracle Areana and a 5 1/2 game lead over Memphis for the top seed in the West. Steph Curry is shooting lights out and Draymond Green is looking to get paid this offseason with his current play.

2. Atlanta Hawks 50-13

Last Week 2

The Hawks are coming off a huge victory over LeBron James and co. and are looking like the best team in the East heading towards the playoffs. Atlanta boasts a 26-8 record against the current playoff teams, an NBA best. And, even if it was only by a few hours, the Hawks were the first to 50 wins this season.

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3. Memphis Grizzlies 45-18

Last Week: 3

Mike Conely and Zach Randolph’s elevated has the Grizzlies urging as of late, grasping the second seed in the West. Look for the Grizzlies to continue to push right into the playoffs.

4. Houston Rockets 43-20 

Last Week: 6

Harden continues to play like an MVP despite cooling a bit recently since his meeting with LeBron James. They are 7-3 over their last 10 games. Their next game against Portland on Wednesday will be a big test after Damian Lillard embarrassed the Rockets in last year’s post season.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers 40-25

Last Week: 5

The Cavs boast a 7-3 record over their last 10 games, but the three loses have come to potential playoff teams: Atlanta, Houston, and Indiana. For now, the Cavaliers seem like only a regular season winning machine.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder 35-28

Last Week: 7

Russell Westbrook is feeling this Thunder roster to greatness. He continues to put up numbers and produce wins in the absence of reigning MVP Kevin Durant. And the team will only get better with the return of Durant.

7. Los Angeles Clippers 41-23

Last Week: 4

Chris Paul has taken over for the lack of offense left in Blake Griffin’s absence and DeAndre Jordan is grabbing everything he can get his hands on, averaging 18.8 rebounds per game in Griffin’s absence. The Clippers will be a very hard team to beat come playoff time. 

8. San Antonio Spurs 39-23

Last Week: 10

The Spurs are once again raking in wins, but what else is new. Tony Parker is working his way to the paint more now, which has always been his key to success. The Spurs have won 5 straight.

9. Portland Trailblazers 41-20

Last Week: 9

The Wes Matthews injury was a devestaing one for the Trailblazers and for Matthews, who worked his way from being an underrated free agent to a staring shooting guard in the NBA. But the Blazers are 19-14 against current playoff teams, good for 4th in the NBA, and still have Lillard and Aldridge.

10. Dallas Mavericks 41-24

Last Week: 8

Rajon Rondo doesn’t seem to be paying off just yet for the Mavs, who hold a 18-12 mark with him in uniform. Rondo has suffered without the aid of Chandler Parsons and Tyson Chandler though, and with their return to the lineup, the Mavs may start finding more success.

11. New Orleans Pelicans 35-29

Last Week: 15

Anthony Davis is back and he is putting up big numbers. In his first three games back, Davis has sent away 16 shots. Davis also has a knack for 20-point, 10-board, 5-block games, which he has 8 of. The rest of the NBA has 6 such games combined. 

12. Milwaukee Bucks 33-30

Last Week: 13

The Bucks currently sit 5th in the East and seem to continue to just scrap out victories. But the Bucks also have some bad losses, including going 0-4 on their Western Conference swing, including losses to the Lakers, Jazz, and Nuggets. 

13. Toronto Raptors 38-25

Last Week: 11

The Raptors have been floundering since losing to Atlanta after the All Star break. After having the East’s best record on December 31, Toronto is 14-17 in the new year. Not looking so good for the Drake sponsored team.

14. Chicago Bulls 39-26

Last Week: 12

Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler need to come back to help the Bulls come playoff time. Meanwhile, in their absence, Nikola Mirotic is carrying the scoring burden, putting up big numbers, especially in the 4th quarter. Him and Pau Gasol have allowed for Chicago to remain competitive while they wait the return of their two stars.

15. Phoenix Suns 33-32

Last Week: 14

The Suns lost to the top seeded Warriors by 18 points. Although they acquired Brandon Knight from the Bucks, the Suns said goodbye to Goran Tragic and Isaiah Thomas. and to top this all off, the Suns have the hardest remaining schedule. Not good in Phoenix.

16. Washington Wizards 36-28

Last Week: 16

The Wizards are struggling, but the win against the Hornets, limiting them to a mere 69 points, may help the gears to get back in motion. John Wall needs to become the aggressor and take leadership, otherwise the Wizards can kiss their dreams of the Finals goodbye.

17. Indiana Pacers 28-34

Last Week: 21

The Pacers have the best record in the NBA since February 1st, and Paul George is returning soon. They rank top 5 in both offensive and defensive efficiency on their 11-2 run and a big reason for this is the elevated play of George Hill.

18. Boston Celtics 26-36

Last Week: 17

The Celtics sit one game outside of 8th place in the East behind Miami after their win last night. Isaiah Thomas has been a wonderful acquisition for the Brad Stevens lead team, as his production off the bench has been a spark the team has needed.

19. Charlotte Hornets 28-34

Last Week: 18

Scoring only 69 points in a game is not good. Michael Jordan may be a billionaire, but this Hornets squad has made his year a huge disappointment. Mo Williams is playing well, averaging 21.7 points per game with his new team, and Kemba Walker is close to returning.

20. Miami Heat 28-35

Last Week: 20

The arrival of Goran Dragic has definitely made an impact and the emergence of Hassan Whiteside has made this season productive. The Heat will miss Chris Bosh this season, considering with him, Miami could have been a scary team to face in the playoffs. Get well soon Bosh.

21. Brooklyn Nets 25-36

Last Week: 22

The Nets are 7-1 in games decided by 3 points or fewer. But for the 25-36 Brooklyn squad, keeping the games close seems to be the issue. 

22. Utah Jazz 26-36

Last Week: 24

Rudy Gobert makes the loss of Enes Kanter seem like a win in Utah. He has become the leading force in the NBA’s stingiest defense. 

23. Detroit Pistons 23-39

Last Week: 19

The Pistons may not have a ton of success in Stan Van Gundy’s first year in charge, but the acquisition of Reggie Jackson and the dismissal of Josh Smith make it a memorable one.

24. Sacramento Kings 21-41

Last Week: 23

George Karl is definitely a player’s coach, but can he appease his star center, DeMarcus Cousins, who was vocally unhappy with the dismissal of Coach Mike Malone.

25. Orlando Magic 21-43

Last Week: 26

The players are begging to click a bit and Victor Olidipo is an exciting player to watch. The Magic have good talent to build upon.

26. Denver Nuggets 23-41

Last Week: 25

Felt like the Brian Shaw firing was using his for a scapegoat for a poor roster put together that had no chance of winning, but whatever. D’Antoni will be a fun ride for the good people of Denver.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves 14-48

Last Week: 27

A win against the Trailblazers and the tutelage of KG on this young TWolves roster has things looking up in the cold Twin Cities.

28. Philadelphia 76ers 14-49

Last Week: 28

The goodness: Both Emmanuel Mudiay and D’Angelo Russell both look like very good guards who can jump into the starting lineup for the Sixers right away. 

29. Los Angeles Lakers 16-46

Last Week: 29

That Top-5 protected pick is teetering on the ledge, but leaning in LA’s favor at the moment.

30. New York Knicks 12-50

Last Week: 30

Enjoy the number 1 pick Knicks fans.


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